It makes no sense,

to feel the way that you do,

you had everything you wanted,

but you kept seeking something new.

You did it to yourself,

the blame lies only with you,

you threw it all away and for what,

to find something new?

Look at yourself,

take in all that you’ve done,

destroyed something beautiful,

isn’t this shit fun?

The misery inside,

the desire to cry,

but you cant,

maybe you should die?

You don’t deserve that,

no you’re in for something worse,

a life full of emptiness,

ya that’s the real curse.

So sit down and wallow,

I hope you cant breathe,

is it hard to swallow?


This is your life now,

filled with nothing but pain now,

in your search for something else,

all you’ve found is that,

there’s no one else to blame now.

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