A Man.

A Man is not supposed to cry,
but I just cried until I lost my vision.

A Man should be able to control his anger,
but I hit the wall until I lost feeling in my fingers.

A Man would stop drinking when he’s had enough,
but I just poured another and my glass is doused in blood.

A Man would think twice before he sends that text,
but I just sent another that I can never take back.

A Man would not get behind the wheel when he was drinking,
But i’m driving down the road and now I’m pushin 80.

A Man would not have tried to takes his own life,
but I already committed and now I’m paying the price.

A Man would not have thrown away everything he held dear in one night.
but that’s what I did and no actions or words can ever fix tonight.

A Man would not find himself in my position,
But I’m not really a man just a boy playing pretend.

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