My storm has finally come to claim it’s prize.
The rains picking up now.
Pulled in every direction by the crazed winds that surround me.
Thunder roars on in the distance.
Inching closer every second until it feels as if it’s origin is inside of me.
Clawing it’s way up my throat trying to escape.
White streaks of lightning illuminate the cloudy grey sky and for a moment the darkness parts.
In the lapses of darkness I begin to see a figure in the distance moving closer.
It is a woman, suspended over the sea below the clouds.
With each passing flash she appears closer to me.
Dark hair draped across her olive skin.
Her perfectly formed brow above those dark brown pools peering straight through my being.
Her freckled button nose that haunts my dreams at night.
The laugh lines that surround the light pink lips I can still taste on my own.
Her chest is bare and the familiar birthmark I once kissed nightly lay beside her breast.
Her bejelewed navel right above the soft hair I once ran my face through.
To her lower lips where we connected intimately as one.
The only place I’ve ever felt safe.
I try to call out for her but the only sound that escapes my lungs are screams of thunder, chaos.
The tide strikes the beachfront and I’m knee deep in the waves.
I fall.
After a moment I rise and begin my trek into the ocean.
The current sweeps me out but shes only getting further and further away.
I’m swimming as fast as I can.
Taking brief pauses to look up and catch a glimpse of her.
The beach is 6 miles behind me and my arms are losing steam.
I’m on my last legs.
The rain stops and I find myself floating on my back.
The sky begins to clear, the clouds move on and the sun shines bright.
She appears above me now, peering down.
I open my mouth to speak but instead I hear her voice.
Goodbye Jacob.
I take one last look at the goddess before me.
My muscles relax and I begin to sink.
Falling deeper below the surface, surrounded by empty sea.
Mouth agape the water fills my lungs and I am drowning but it is a feeling of emptiness that overtakes me.
I hear her voice one last time as I begin to lose consciousness.
Goodbye Jacob.


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