My first thought, the scariest thing about it, initially, was the thought that after one wash or two, the sheets, the pillowcases, well, no longer would they smell of you, and that, was a sad thought, sad enough to make a man, go mad.


she made a remark about the pleasantness, of my cologne. i looked her up and down, laughing softly under my breath and said. “don’t be fooled pretty girl, it’s there to mask the scent of stale cigarettes. sweat. and cheap booze.” her eyes caught mine and they rolled back into her skull. she took my … Continue reading Scent.


It makes no sense, to feel the way that you do, you had everything you wanted, but you kept seeking something new. You did it to yourself, the blame lies only with you, you threw it all away and for what, to find something new? Look at yourself, take in all that you’ve done, destroyed … Continue reading Blame.